Monday, June 10, 2013

State Cheer Competition: A Quitter, A Broken Arm, A Broken Leg

Madelyn had her State Cheer Competition this week-end.  All the teams did really well and the winning team fully deserved their win.  They were flawless.  Madelyn's team had a lot of challenges and performed well.

There has been a lot of drama on her team in the past few weeks.  Several team members are considering leaving for other teams in Indiana.  One team member quit because of the drama.  She was one of Madelyn's bases.  On Wednesday, Madelyn's other base broke her arm.  Two girls from the level below Madelyn were brought in as replacements.  These are mature girls, who normally are spotters.  They had  a tough time learning how to perform as bases.  During the competition, the girls lifted at different times and Madelyn wasn't able to perform the basket as well as her group normally does.  It was disappointing, but we were proud of the girls who were trying so hard to learn completely new skills.  By the time the National Competition arrives, the team should be ready.

We also discovered that Madelyn needs to wear an ankle brace for cheer.  Her ankle is twisting during stunting and she could end up with injuries if it isn't stabilized.  I'm so thankful that the coach noticed what was going on before an injury occurred.

The coach was also injured last week.  She broke her ankle falling off a chair.  The team looked pretty beat up with the casts and crutches.

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Barb the Evil Genius said...

Sounds like the basis of a good reality show. ;)

I do hope things improve for your daughter's team.