Sunday, June 2, 2013

Work, Fun and Surprises

Mike was able to take today off from work.  After church, he headed over to the project house to get some measurements.  A couple of seconds after pulling out of the driveway, he was back to pick me up.  A woman down the street, who has the most marvelous landscaping was giving way plants that she had split.  Mike thought that I might be interested in them, so he picked me up and we went to see if there was anything that I could use. 

We picked up two large bags of gorgeous ferns and three bags of lavender irises.  She was standing in the back of her yard talking with a neighbor and we walked over to thank her for her generosity.  She asked if I could use any other plants and then offered me 9 blue fescue plants and a small bag of violets.  We talked for about 20 minutes.  She talked about her garden and some of the things that she has done to get such beautiful, lush plants.  It was so lovely to get so many perennials for the new house. 

The girls and I spent several hours planting our haul and moving some of the large Rose of Sharon plants.  The front yard is starting to look better and one of the terraces is filled with greenery.  Amy planted the irises at the back of the property where they can multiply without causing any problems with the other plants.

Mike needed a change from installing drywall, mudding, and sanding walls.  He decided to do something with the pews that had been stored in the attic of the project house.  I had asked for two 4' pews/benches to use on the sun-porch.  My first thought was to paint them white and make colorful throw pillows and cushions.  Mike had a different idea. 

 After designing the benches, Mike turned over the construction of them to Joe.  He did a great job and managed to put together 5 benches in one afternoon.

 The old pew ends needed to be cleaned up.  Paige handled most of the washing.

Paige and Allie also helped paint benches.  They were thrilled with the opportunity to use the paintbrush.

It was a busy day, but so much fun.  I think we all managed to use some of our creativity.  And Mike's idea for the benches was better than mine.  Maybe the green and yellow one's would look good on our sun porch!  We have enough pew ends to make an additional 15 benches.  Mike is going to try and sell some of them.  He's always thinking of new things.

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