Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cheer Nationals Competition

Madelyn's cheer squad qualified for the national competition  by winning the state competition. Nationals were held in Virginia Beach.  We hadn't planned on any big trips this year, but decided to take the whole family and turn her competition into a family vacation.

We crammed 9 people, camping equipment, and clothes for all of us into the Mountaineer and headed east.  I'll do another post about the vacation aspect of the trip.

Madelyn's team was classified as a super-large group in her division.  The teams compete in order from smallest to largest in each group.  There were several teams in front of her and many of them did extremely well.  The team from Grand Ledge did an amazing performance.  During their stunting portion of the routine, one of the bases (person who holds up the fliers) threw up.  She continued to lift her flier in the air.  I didn't even notice that she had been ill.

It was obvious that the judges didn't notice that someone vomited either, because the next team quickly followed them out to the stage.  That team completed their entire routine.  Some of the girls did tumbling through the yucky portion of the stage!  After they had finished and had left the stage, the adult spotters refused to leave the stage until the area was cleaned and sanitized. 

Madelyn's team did really well.  One girl didn't complete her tumbling pass, but everything else was perfect.  Madelyn's team placed second behind the Grand Ledge team!  We were so happy for everyone.  They had all worked really hard this season and continued with regular practices for 2 months after the cheer season normally ends.

Madelyn and her proud Dad.

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