Friday, August 9, 2013

Fourth of July

We had a strange Fourth of July this year.  My mom didn't host her annual Independence Day bash, so I planned on doing something at our house.  Unfortunately, Mike had to work from 9 am until 7 pm.  Katie, Steve and Joseph all worked at Dairy Queen, but at different times. 

Amy and Joe went kayaking late in the morning.  When I dropped them off at the river, we discovered a group of 12 canoes had entered the river just in front of them.  Katie, Madelyn and George (Katie's boyfriend) took the canoe on the river in the early afternoon.  Katie drove to the drop off and George left his car at the place where they exit the river. 

After Joe and Amy finished, Joe had to race off to work.  The younger girls and I met Amy at the river and they all played in the river for awhile.  We waited for Katie and Madelyn to finish their canoe trip. 

When they eventually reached the bend in the river, we helped pull the canoe out of the water.  Everyone was sharing some of the fun things that they saw on their journey.  Both groups  saw a couple floating down the river in lawn chairs.  The couple had somehow managed to find a way to float a small grill down the river with them for a full holiday cookout!

Katie and George began to load the canoe on top of his car.  As they to lift the canoe, Katie mentioned that she had a difficult time keeping the canoe from moving around on top of the car when she drove to the drop off point.  George and Katie had loaded the canoe opening side up on the top of her car!  No wonder it didn't stay in place!  I'm so thankful that it didn't fly off and cause an accident on the highway.

When everyone finally finished work (around 11:30), we all headed over to the project house to shot off our fireworks.  The field behind the house if a perfect place for fireworks.  It was especially nice that some neighbors were also doing their fireworks at the same time.  We had quite a fireworks show! 

While it was a traditional Fourth of July celebration with the entire family, it was a fun day with everyone spending time with various family members.  Everyone had fun and enjoyed some special memories with family. 

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