Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Painting, Painting and More Painting

We'll we're in the final big push to make the old home ready to put on the market.  Mike has finished a lot of the little jobs that get put off for another day, but never actually completed.  He's also put in new light fixtures is all the rooms, changed hardware on cabinet doors, stained the wood in the bow window, installed a medallion behind the ceiling fan in the family room for some architectural interest, installed a new vanity and medicine chest in the upstairs bathroom.   I've painted.

His list looks huge compared to mine.  I have worked for many hours, put painting doesn't sound very impressive.  So far, I've painted the coat closet in the dining room, the board games/vaccuum/photo album closet in the dining room, painted both closets in the master bedroom, painted the ceiling of the master bedroom, painted 2 coats on the master bedroom walls, painted the dining room, painted 1/2 the living room.

The rooms that are finished look bright, inviting, and very neutral in color.  Not like the colors my family normally uses.  Madelyn says that the whole house is beige.  It really isn't.  The master bedroom is a light creamy beige.  The dining room and living room are medium warm beige.  I wanted to paint the family room and kitchen the same color.  The family room has light brown carpeting; the kitchen has gray counter tops and fairly dark brown laminate floors.  Beige doesn't really work with the shade of gray.  Mike and I ended up choosing a really soft gray/green.  I think it will work in both rooms well.

The plan is to have Mike finish all his projects by the end of this week.  The carpeting will be installed on the stairs and master bedroom early next week.  Hopefully, all the upstairs bedrooms, hall, closets and bathroom can get painted by the middle of next week.  We really need to sell the other house, so we can finish some of the projects at the "project" house.  Until the painting is done, all of my spare time will be spent with paint brush or roller in my hand.

While Mike and I are busy working on the house, Paige and Allie have been playing with their friends in the other neighborhood.   Monday, one of their friends from the new neighborhood walked to the other house so they could hang out together.  It's so nice that the girls have their old friends visiting them at the new house and the new friends are willing to walk 1/2 a mile to play with them at the old house. 

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Barb the Evil Genius said...

Oh wow! I've been so busy myself, and look at how busy you've been! I hope you get settled into your new house soon, and your old one sells quickly.