Monday, September 23, 2013

A Girls' Night

Katie headed off to college in the middle of August.  She is living on campus in an apartment with 3 other girls.  The night before she moved out, she wanted to spend the evening doing something fun with me and her sisters.  She treated us to an evening of miniature golf.  Amy, Alison and Madelyn were on one team; Katie Paige and I were on the opposing team. 

Paige before teeing off for the first time.

Everyone had a lot of laughs because none of us play golf.  After the first hole, I was tied for last place with Allie.  My luck turned though and I managed to play the remaining holes at par or less and even had a hole in one!

Madelyn requested a little less noise before her shot.
We were the only ones at the mini-golf place, probably because the night was cool.  We didn't follow the maximum number of hits per hole because there was no one waiting behind us.

Allie addressing the ball.

It began to be darker around the 10th hole.  Amy realized that the gate was locked for the course.

Katie repeatedly mentioned that she was cold.  The rest of us were wearing pants and sweatshirts.  Maybe jeans would have helped?
We decided to speed up the game by following the maximum number of shots that was posted on the course.  We also let people begin the next hole as soon as they had finished the current hole.  Paige ended up several holes ahead of some of the rest of the people, but she kept coming back to keep us company.

Madelyn and Katie realized that they were both sophomores for the fall semester!
Katie and Amy talking about college life.

By the time we had finished our round, it was dark.  We tried to enter the golf area to return our putters, but discovered that the doors were locked.  After prowling around the building, we were able to enter the building in the bowling area (which was also closed).  There was an employee cleaning up the snack bar area who took our clubs and let us out of the bowling alley.

It was a fun evening with lots of laughs and good memories.  Thanks Katie!  It was a wonderful way to spend our last evening together.

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