Sunday, September 22, 2013

Stylish Storage Drawers

Those ugly plastic storage drawers are great for holding craft supplies.  I use some for my fabric stash, scrapbook papers, stamping supplies and kid's craft stuff.  They hold a lot of items in drawers that are easy to keep organized.  The downside is that the see-through plastic drawers look full of clutter.

A few months ago, I saw how someone had made their drawers look better using fabric.  I loved the look, but didn't want to waste expensive fabric making the drawers look pretty.  Instead, I used scrap book paper.  The cost of the materials for 4 sets of stacking drawer sets was about $2.50 which made my frugal-self happy.  The papers were easy to cut with my long-arm cutter and the whole project only took about 30 minutes.

After measuring the height of each drawer, I cut the 12" scrapbook papers, then used tiny pieces of scotch tape to adhere the corners and center of each piece of paper to the drawer.  The tape was placed on the back of the paper and folded to the top edge of the drawer.  Now my craft area isn't such an eye sore!


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