Friday, September 13, 2013

The Big Move

We finally managed to get most of our possessions into the project house.  The kids and I moved a ton of boxes and the small furniture using our SUV.  Thankfully, the project house is really close to the other house, so we didn't have too far to go between trips.  There were a few goof-ups along the way....a bookcase fell out of the back of the vehicle, we got Amy's bed caught in the staircase because I forgot about the sharp turn into the living room at the bottom of the stairs, not being able to find any of my shoes Sunday morning on our way to church that were presentable.  I ended up wearing Michael's flip-flops instead of the paint splattered tennis shoes.   

The project house isn't finished yet, but it feels so good to be living there.  Mike and I still do not have walls in the master bedroom, so we're sleeping in the family room for a short time.  Katie was away at college during the move.  When I called to ask her if she was coming home for the weekend and to warn her that her bedroom wasn't finished, she mentioned that she planned to work on her room and would crash on the family room sofa.  She was a little surprised to discover that Mike and I would be sleeping in the same room with her.  Surprisingly, she decided to sleep on the top bunk in Paige and Allie's bedroom.

During our second night in the "new house" Madelyn discovered a bat flying around in the basement.  It startled her, but she wasn't afraid.  Mike went down to open all the windows and turn on the lights so the bat would fly outside.  The next night, she found another bat in the basement.  She managed to capture it in a new, but it escaped when she tried to open the window at the same time.  Mike eventually got it outside.  The following night, a bat flew over MY head in the family room.  I threatened to move everyone back to the old house if Mike didn't get the soffits and facia put on the house to get the structure totally enclosed.  Mik worked on the project for three days, but got everything enclosed.  It was a scary job because he had to climb 90+ feet on a ladder to reach some of the areas.  We haven't seen a bat since he got finished, so everyone is happier.

The apple trees on the property are loaded with apples.  I've put up over 100 quarts of applesauce and sliced apples.  We also made apple juice and I put up 36 pints of apple butter.  We've been eating apples almost every night.  I think that we'll try drying some apples to snack on and use in granola next.  Since I didn't manage to get any other fruits this summer, it's a blessing to have so many apples available.

We've started the final preparations at the last house, so we can get it on the market.  I'm so happy to be able to move without trying to sell a house where we're living.  There are some walls to paint in more neutral tones and a few other little projects left.  Mike is taking next week off of work, so we can finish it quickly.

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