Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Wonderful Surprise

Last summer, my poor children spent many hours mowing our two properties.  The only mower we owned was a 10 year old push mower.  The push mower had seen much hard use over the years and had one tire that refused to hold air, a slightly bent mower blade and was difficult to start.  Madelyn, Paige, Steve and Joe helped mow the smaller yard which is approximately .45 acres.  The other property is almost one acre and is almost all incline.  It’s a difficult lawn to mow.  The two houses are only ½ a mile apart, so we walked the mower between the two houses.

By the end of the summer, Joe did almost all the mowing of the larger property.  Everyone was discouraged about the lawn situation.  The phrase, “We REALLY need to get a riding mower,” was heard frequently.

When we returned from vacation, my father-in-law called to say he had a surprise.  He had gotten an old riding mower from a neighbor (for free) and had purchased parts and got it going again.  My children were thrilled! 

The mower had a few break downs during the remainder of the summer, but we were able to use it several times.  Mike finished repairs on a few small fidgety  things last week and  Madelyn finished our final mowing at our current residence.  Not only is the grass cut, but most of the leaves are chopped up enough that they don’t need raking.

Thanks Grandpa!  You’re the best!

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