Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Summer Fun on the River

Allie being her normal happy self.

The photos from my camera were finally uploaded to my computer, so I'll be doing a series of catch-up blog posts from most of the summer.  My children read my blog and so do some of our extended family.  I hate to have a huge block of time missing from my blog, because I use it as a journal of our family life.

We live near several rivers.  One of the small rivers runs about 200 feet south of our property line.  It joins a large river about 1/2 a mile from our home.  We spent a lot of time of the river this summer.  The following is a
Paige posing on the shore.
series of photos from some of our river days.  One day while we were waiting to pick up some of the children in the canoe, Paige and Allie cooled off in the river near the island.  I love the fact that the current is so calm and the river is only thigh deep.  The younger girls spent a great deal of time at the park playing in the river with their neighborhood friends this summer.  The weather was so warm that the girls were still going there at the end of September. 

The last time they went swimming, Allie discovered a leach on her leg.  One of their friends discovered two leaches.  I'll need to keep a better eye on the river depth next summer.  


 The canoe with Katie, Madelyn and George FINALLY navigates the bend in the river.  

George hops out of the canoe to pull it closer to the shore.

All together now!

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