Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Another Night Visitor

Mike and I were soundly sleeping when a loud banging was heard from the front door.  Mike stumbled out of bed and answered the door.  It was two police officers searching for a cell phone that had called 911.  The dispatcher could hear breathing in the background, but no one speaking.  The officers tracked the signal to our home and were checking for a medical emergency.

Mike ran upstairs to check on Amy's cell phone, while I checked our phones.  None of those phones had placed any calls recently.  While Mike ran down to the lower level to check Madelyn, Steve, and Joe's phones, I asked if the policeman knew the number that made the call.  Mike discovered that Madelyn had knocked her phone off the shelf in her sleep and rolled over on it.  (Steve was also sleeping on his cell phone, but no calls were made.)  Madelyn had inadvertently dialed by rolling on the phone.  We showed the phone to the officers, who were glad that they didn't need to pound on any other doors. 

The officers were gracious and helpful.  I'm thankful that there are public servants who are able to help when someone may be unable to reach emergency dispatchers. 

We also discovered that our new puppy is not a good watch dog.  The entire time the police were in our home, he laid quietly on his cushion.  As soon as the officer left, he began to whine to be taken outside. 

The kids will no longer sleep with their phones.  Madelyn will now leave her phone on the piano when she goes to bed.  Even though the policemen were gracious, I don't want another visit at 2:30am.

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