Monday, October 28, 2013

Girl's Day Out

Madelyn had a cheer stunt and tumble clinic Sunday in Mt Pleasant.  The clinic is several hours from our home and the event lasts four hours.  It's a long day and parents aren't allowed to watch the clinic.  In the past, I've gone letterboxing or shopping.  One time, I sat in the car and carved rubber stamps.  I wanted to do something that didn't involve shivering in the car for several hours and decided to go see a movie while she was at her clinic.

A friend of mine was also taking her daughter to the clinic, so we decided to car pool.  The trip seemed much shorter with the added conversation and laughter of my friend and her daughter.  After we dropped the girls off at the clinic, we headed off the theater.  It had been quite awhile since I had seen a movie without my children or husband.  After reading the blurbs for the available movies, we decided to go see The Prisoners.  It stared Hugh Jackman whose movies I usually enjoy. 

The movie was disturbing.  First, there were so many adults in the area who were sick and twisted.  Second, I found it harder and harder to like Hugh Jackman's character as the movie progressed.  His actions were understandable, but troubling to me.  The movie ends in a twisted manner.

Neither my friend and I were happy with our movie selection by the time we left the theater.  I'm double checking on my children these days.  Too late have I remembered how much I dislike psychological thrillers with lots of gore.  Probably time for me to return to Pixar movies with the kids.....and the Hobbit movie due out in December.

The kids were all wound up after the clinic.  Madelyn had hurt herself working on her round-off, back hand-spring, full.  Her knees were bruised and swollen when we picked her up (they are still pretty bad today.)  The girls were gigging and joking all the way home.  Their silliness help chase away the creepiness that hung around us after the movie. 

While I won't be rushing off to see any similar movies for a looong time, it was fun to laugh, talk with my friend and her daughter and enjoy the beautiful fall colors on a sunny day.  So glad to have shaken up our normal weekly routine.

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