Thursday, November 21, 2013

Neglecting My Blog

My poor little blog is feeling very neglected lately.  I've been busy writing my book for National Novel Writing Month.  There have been many things about writing this month that have surprised me.  

First, I have always disliked the process of writing.  It's not something that goes along fluently for me.  I tend to spend too much time editing as I write.  NanoWriMo has cured me of this problem.  The object of NaNoWriMo is to get the first draft of a 50,000 word novel done in 30 days, which means no editing.  I'm just shy of 40,000 words with 10 days left to write.  The writing process is becoming much easier and I'm actually looking forward to writing each evening. The kids are leaving me in peace to write and I'm savoring this time alone.

Second, the way that I read books has also changed.  My reading pace has slowed down and I pay more attention to phrases and particular words than I did before.  My oldest daughter (the writer) says that I'm reading like a writer.  Although reading has always given me pleasure, it has become a more active process.

Third,  writing has given me more confidence.  Not in my writing skills themselves, because I know that I will never be a great writer.  The confidence has come from setting a goal and successfully reaching it.  Homeschooling, child rearing, and home making are incredibly worthwhile things to do, but long periods of time pass before progress is seen.  Let's not even talk about the fact that the tasks will never be done.  My personality needs to see things completed.  I relish checking things off of a To Do list.

Fourth, my children are writing much more often without my prompting them or,  to be completely honest, without my assigning writing as a lesson.  My youngest two girls are writing stories, keeping journals, and making a graphic novel.  All without any encouragement from me.  They may even end up enjoying writing, which most of the other children do not.

December at our home will be filled with cooking and crafting, decorating a new space, and many worship services.  My blog should be much more active and I might even have some fun projects.

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