Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our family has always had a tradition of staying home for Thanksgiving.  It's the one holiday that we don't travel to see extended family.  My mom used to spend Thanksgiving with us every year.  Someone would drive the 3.5 hours round trip to pick her up.  After dinner and boards games, someone would make the drive again to take my mom back home.  This year, I asked if we could get my mom a few days early and take her home on Friday.  That didn't work for her, so she went to my sister's home for Thanksgiving.  We were disappointed, but not upset.  The important thing was that Mom didn't spend the holiday alone.

I prepared for a immediate family only Thanksgiving dinner.  A few days before the holiday, Steve mentioned that he would be having Thanksgiving dinner with his girl friends family.  Then, Katie mentioned that she would be eating dinner with her boyfriend's dad and then another meal with her boyfriend's mom.  I told her that she could miss dinner with us and just eat the two meals with George's family.  She didn't need to make herself sick by overeating with three full turkey dinners.

All of my children were home for Thanksgiving dinner.....with their boyfriend/girlfriend.  We had a lovely meal for 11 people.  After dinner, everyone played charades.  It was one of the best Thanksgiving holidays ever.  All of the children are of an appropriate age to play games together.  No one needed special rules to make everything fair.  Everyone laughed and joked.  I'm so thankful for a lovely day with my children and some of the important people in their lives.

Around 4, Katie and George had to head over to George's family for their celebration.  Steve and Delaney stayed for another hour and played board games with Paige and Allie.  Then they left to celebrate with Delaney's family.  My younger girls had a wonderful day spending time with all their older siblings.  Mike and I enjoyed our family and got to know George and Delaney better.

Although, my family holidays are changing and the number of family members around for holidays will continue to decrease,  I am thankful for the special memories that we created.  It is a joy to see them enjoying each others company. 

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