Saturday, March 15, 2014

More Rennovation Projects

The master bathroom hasn't had much done to it yet.  Mike did get the toilet fixed, so that neither one of us would need to traipse down the stairs or hall to reach a bathroom in the middle of the night, but that it the only thing that has been done.  Until this week.  Mike has almost completely gutted the master bathroom. 

The set up for the bathroom was strange.  There was a wall separating it into two sections.  One section contained a window, the toilet, vanity, closet and linen closet.  The other was a dark scary area that contained a huge bathtub.  The tub was cracked, so it had to be replaced.  Mike decided to pull out the tub and haul it to the garage.  On it's side the tub is over 4.5' tall.  The tub snagged on something and Mike gave it a sharp pull, which snapped a pipe.  Water was spurting out in the bathroom.  Mike was on the side of the tub away from the door.  He ended up jumping over the tub and racing down the stairs, shouting at the children to get out of his way.  Upon reaching the basement, he turned off the water main and trudged back up two flights of stairs to survey the mess. 

Bless his heart, he cleaned up all the water and shoveled up all the dry wall chunks that were soaked.  We were all thankful that the tub was fiberglass, so it was fairly light for its size.  Madelyn helped Mike carry it out to the garage.

During a wonderful dinner date later that evening, Mike and I figured out how we want to configure the new bathroom.  The wall will be removed; the tub is moving to the opposite wall; a shower will be installed where the tub was originally, and the vanity will be in what was formerly a closet.  We still need to measure out the various elements, but if it fits as we imagine, the bathroom with be light, airy and user-friendly.  It will be a few more months before we put the bathroom back together.  With the weather finally warming up, we need to get the outside of the house sided and painted and put in the garden.

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