Friday, March 14, 2014

Physical Activities in Winter

This winter has been particularly cold and snowy.  We did manage to do some tubing/sledding and take a few walks.  The three homeschooled girls all take dance classes and Madelyn is heavily involved in cheerleading,  but overall the kids have been cooped up too much..  Mike and I purchased the girls a gymnastic mat as part of their Christmas gifts.  It's been a huge blessing.  The girls have been stretching several times each week to work on their flexibility.  Madelyn has even added neighborhood children into the stretching class.

I also allowed the girls to bring the gymnastic mat upstairs into the family room.  It's warmer upstairs and their is enough room without running into furniture.

Our poor puppy who has reached his full adult stature still has tons of energy.  When we run laps through the house up one staircase and down the other, the dog chases after the girls.  Allie particularly likes running with Dudley. 

In the afternoon and evening, Allie and Paige have been playing hide and seek with Dudley, our puppy.  One of the girls throws the ball into a different room.  Dudley chases the ball and the girls hide.  When he returns to the room carrying the ball, Dudley can't find the girls.  He is definitely not a scent dog.  It's so funny to watch him search the rooms, looking for the girls.  Frequently, he walks right past them and doesn't notice them unless someone moves or makes a sound. 

Now that the spring is slowly making its arrival, we're all hoping to spend lots of time outdoors soaking up the sunshine and fresh air.

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