Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tree Removal

Due to the friendly critters wanting to move into our attic, Mike and I decided to cut down some trees next to the house.  The trees provided a convenient climbing tool for the critters.  Mike used the chainsaw, while the three younger girls and I pulled on the rope to make the trees fall in the right place. 

The picture is taken from the top of the terraces in the "Secret Garden" area of the yard.  The pine tree was about 20' tall.  This is after Mike cut it in two for easier hauling.  We also took a huge limb off of a maple in the area.  I hated to cut a maple tree at this time of year, but the thought of critters climbing it to try and gain access to our house was a greater evil.  The maple is pouring sugar water where the cut is so we now are collecting the water during the day to make maple syrup.

A few days later, Amy, the younger girls and I hauled all the branches and logs out near the wooded area. We have a wood burner out there and will enjoy an evening bonfire when the wood dries out.

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