Thursday, May 8, 2014



The Saturday before Easter our family is usually decorating and coloring Easter eggs and pulling the house together for our Easter celebrations.  We also usually take one of the children to the emergency room for an injury.  This year we did things a little different. Paige had dance classes Saturday morning and we don't get home until after 1.  So we decorated the eggs on Friday afternoon.  I loved letting the girls make a mess without trying to cook around the cups of egg dye!  We will definitely continue to color eggs on Friday in the future.  We also didn't have a trip to the emergency room!

We enjoyed lovely weather for Easter this year.  The temperature was around 60 and the sun was shining.  My mom didn't host her annual Easter egg hunt, so we had a mellow afternoon and evening at home.  Everyone was able to attend the Easter service together.  After church, we came home and enjoyed a meal of roast pork loin, potato salad, BLT salad, crudites, jello, olives and pickles, corn and rolls.  We were so stuffed that dessert was eaten later in the day.

Amy hid about 100 plastic candy-filled eggs in the yard.  She asked the minor children how difficult they wanted the eggs to be hidden.  Madelyn and Joe wanted super hard to find eggs.  It was fun watching Madz, Joe, Paige and Allie search.  Amy hid a lot of the eggs near places a normal person would look, but just far enough away that many eggs were overlooked.  She even buried some in the leaves along the side of the garage!

Eventually, all the eggs were found except two.  Aren't there always a few eggs that don't get found?   Then, Mike set up the targets and we shot bows and arrows and practiced with the pellet gun.  My favorite part of shooting was discovering that I'm a better shot than my husband.  Considering that I'm extremely short-sighted, it was actually quite funny.  Later we had our first bonfire of the year.

Our celebration at home ended up being a fun day with our children and we enjoyed spending time with them.  It has become a rare and precious gift to have everyone home at the same time. 

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Ewe said...

We also did Easter differently this year. We attended a birthday party and went out to eat as a family on Saturday. We didn't go to Easter egg hunts this year. We dyed eggs 1 1/2 weeks after Easter. It was a very relaxing weekend. I hope we can continue a relaxing Easter celebration instead of rush to do everything. Easter is more than just one day, we can celebrate the whole season.