Saturday, May 10, 2014

Loss of a Loved One

My mother's only sister died a few days ago.  She had been declining for quite awhile and her dementia had gotten much worse recently.  We will miss her and remember the fun times that we shared, but my aunt was at peace with dying.  She talked to my mom on the phone and stated that her soul was ready to go home.  I'm sad at her passing, but rejoicing that she is with her Savior. 

Many people look at death as the ending to all that the world offers.  They equate death as missing out on more experiences and time with loved ones.  There is truth in those thoughts, but as believers we have so much more.  Death is the beginning of freedom from sin and all the ills that go on in this sinful world.  My sadness is for the living and the loss of a loved one in our lives.  I can only feel joy for the believer who has left this world behind. 

There are many wonderful things and experiences in this world: the birth of a child, seeing new places, meeting new people, worshipping with fellow believers, and many more.  But all of these things are tainted with the corruption of this world.  

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