Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Tale of Two Dances

Joseph and Marley Prom 2014

Joe and his girlfriend are spur of the moment type of people.  They make most of their plans at the last minute and are quick to change their minds about what to do.  Last year, we discovered one week before prom that they wanted to attend.  This year went a little smoother.  They decided more than one month in advance that they wanted to go to prom.  I envisioned a mellow afternoon of Joe getting ready followed by a relaxed photo session with me before they took off.

 Plans for me changed quickly when I learned that the homeschool group would be holding their first dance called the Spring Fling on the same date.  I had volunteered to throw some parties for the homeschool group with another homeschool mom.  (She calls us the Party Moms.)  I also realized that Paige had two dance classes in the morning.  My leisurely day quickly changed.

Madelyn and Cody Spring Fling 2014

The shoes didn't stay on Madelyn's feet long.  She's not a high heel girl.
There was some squabbling for bathroom time, but overall it went pretty smoothly.  Joe and Marley left fairly early, so I had an hour to curl Madelyn's hair after taking photos of the prom attendees.

Madelyn and Cody stood around for photos and then left for the dance.  I realized that Madelyn had forgotten her snack to share and canned good for the canned-good donation, so I loaded that into the SUV and drove to the dance to chaperone.

I'm not going to comment to much about the dance, because it was Madelyn's night and her mom shouldn't share her observations.  I did think it went well and 95 percent of the kids looked like that had a good time.  The few who were bored, refused to participate, so there was nothing anyone could have done to make it a better experience.

After the Spring Fling, most of the teens went laser bowling.  It was a good ending to the night and let them mix together a little bit more.

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