Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Painting the Exterior of the House

Before we sold the last house, our family painted the exterior of the house using paint rollers on extension poles.  Mike was required to climb up on a huge ladder to paint the roof line the the windows on the second floor.  It was a bigger job than expected and ended up taking several weeks longer than planned.  Isn't that the way home improvement projects always go?

Our current project house desperately needs something done with the exterior.  The front has yuck brown vinyl siding,  the wooden siding is painted brown, the walk-out cement exterior to the basement is cream.  The scope of this project is overwhelming.  The house is huge (by my standards) with 5700 square feet of living space on three levels.  Mike and I walked around the house deciding what we wanted to do with the outside.  I don't want to spend the money on vinyl siding right now, there are higher priority projects that should be completed first, but the exterior is ugly.

We decided that I would start scraping the paint as I up as I was comfortable on the ladder.  Then Madelyn or Mike would scrape the upper level.  Then I would begin painting with the extension poles using the roller. 
The scraping took off almost all the paint on the first floor,  Less paint loss on the second floor.

We discovered a rotten board, so Mike cut it out and replaced it.

Two days and many, many hours later, Madelyn and I had scraped one side of the garage and the walk out level under the garage.  I've decided that I'll be doing the project in small sections: scraping one section, then painting that area.  It will keep me from having some of my muscles incredibly sore from repetitive movement and it will look like progress is being made.

The plan is to have the house painted by the end of the summer.  If I get it done earlier, I'll get a nice break before school starts.  

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