Friday, September 12, 2014

Las Vegas Day 2

We were out the door early and headed to McDonald's for breakfast.  I wanted to get some pictures of the pyramid and sphinx, so after we ate we walked a few blocks to get photos. 

There is a person repelling down the side of the pyramid. 

Then we walked back to the Shark Aquarium and enjoyed the gardens of Mandalay Bay.

The gardens were beautiful and truly an oasis in the heat.  There were several water features and many lush plants.

Madelyn had to do a flexibility pose in the center of the medallion on the sidewalk.  She obviously hadn't stretched out yet.

It was about 20 degrees cooler in the gardens.

Madelyn and Kaitlyn under one of the arches.

Our last view of the gardens before heading off to the Shark Aquarium.


Barb the Evil Genius said...

Is that copper color from something in the water, or a sort of "antiqued" look?

It seems a good bit of Las Vegas attractions are free and open to all. Nice bonus.

Karen said...

I think it is an antiqued look to make things look older and more realistic.

We tried to look for a lot of free or low cost activities for our trip. I didn't feel right spending a ton on sight-seeing when most of the family stayed at home.