Saturday, September 13, 2014

Shark Aquarium Las Vegas Nevada Day 2

After our sojourn in the gardens of Mandalay Bay, we walked over to the Shark Aquarium.  The previous day, we had been unable to get a parking spot. Because we arrived an hour before the aquarium opened, we were able to snag a good spot.  Breakfast and sight seeing used up that hour pleasantly and we were able to see the sea creatures before the aquarium got to busy.

There were tour guides who walked with guests throughout the exhibit to answer questions.  There were people in our group wouldn't let anyone but themselves look at the exhibit while the guide was speaking.  When the guide moved on, they followed.  We weren't able to hear anything, so we quietly passed them by and walked through the aquarium at our own pace.

First stop was the Komodo Dragon.  He was quite large and a little intimidating to us non-reptile lovers.

We saw a vide variety of different types of fish. 

We were thrilled when we saw our first shark!  There were several different varieties of sharks on exhibit.

Katie was busy taking photographs.  Madelyn's camera/phone ran out of storage.

There was a shallow open tank containing rays that were able to be touched or stroked by visitors.  I was the first one in our party to touch one.  Madelyn refused to touch it.  

I spent a lot of time watching the jellyfish.  They were beautiful floating around the tank, opening and closing.

The starfish were huge inside the starfish tanks.

After a couple of hours, we left the aquarium happy to have enjoyed all the beautiful sea creatures while visiting the desert.

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