Friday, September 5, 2014

Las Vegas: More on Day 1

After leaving the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, we discovered that the car parked next to our rental vehicle was too close to open without scratching the door.  Katie climbed over the counsel from the passenger side and backed the car out into the parking lot, so Mads and I could get in easily.  That was the only time she was allowed to drive, because the rental insurance didn't cover drivers under 25. 

Katie and I wanted to purchase some postcards and souvenirs for our loved ones who weren't able to come on the trip.  We drove back down The Strip searching for a souvenir shop.  This is the first one we found.

Madelyn's cheer coach wanted the girls to do flexibility poses around Las Vegas and post them on the team's facebook page for everyone to guess where their teammate's location.  This is Madz first location.
Posing in front of our rental car.  The Jetta was a blast to drive.  The girls didn't think it was very comfortable, but I loved its smaller size and ease manovering.

We picked up some great postcards and headed back down The Strip.  We parked at the Bellagio Hotel and explored.  The fountains, plants, and art work are beautiful. 

This ceiling made of art glass was stunning. 
The girls wanted to pose in front of a palm tree in the more comfortable temperature.

I loved the covered pillars. 

After exploring the hotel, we went back out into the 110 degree weather and walked down to the M & M place.  Our cabdriver had recommended it as a great place for kids.  We all imagined that it would be similar to the Hersey tours in Pennsylvania or Cereal City in Battle Creek, MI.  It wasn't at all like them.  It was a giant store featuring M & M merchandise.  There were some unique items, but they would have been difficult to take on the plane and the candy would have melted immediately upon exiting the shop. 

This entire room was surrounded by bin holding various colors and combinations of colored M&Ms.  I really wanted to get some, but they would have been a mess.

Love the green tshirt.

Madz and Katie posing in front of the peanut guy.

We also managed to walk through the MGM Grand hotel.  It was also quite beautiful inside.  The MGM Lion mascot outside the hotel was huge.

And a few photos of some of the surrounding sights.

The girls wanted to visit the shark exhibit so we drove down near the beach party place.  The parking area was full.  We drove around and around searching for a parking space.  Finally, after narrowly avoiding an accident, we decided to head back to the hotel and try again in the morning. 

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