Thursday, September 4, 2014

Las Vegas: Pawn Stars

My hand is finally able to do some typing for more than a few minutes, so it's time to catch up on a ton of posts that have been delayed.  The girls and I arrived early in the morning and after several phone calls and another trip to the car rental place, we had a vehicle and were able to begin our vacation.  It took me a few hours to get used to the many lanes of traffic, but the drivers seemed to be more aware of what was happening around them and less focused on texting, talking on their phones and eating than in our small town.

Katie (above) and Madelyn waiting for the taxi to arrive at the hotel for our return to the rental agency.
We were starved when we left the Budget and headed off to find the nearest restaurant serving breakfast foods.  McDonalds appeared as soon as we reached "The Strip".  Before eating, we had to take a picture of our first palm tree.

They were so sweet to pose for me with growling stomachs!
We decided to drive through The Strip and get our bearings.  Katie really wanted to see the chapel where Britney Spears was married and I wanted to see the Gold and Silver Pawn shop from the History Channel.

We passed many, many chapels (some offering Elvis weddings) and Katie was sure that we must have seen the one used by Britney.  When we reached a shadier area of town, I mentioned that we should probably turn around and head back.  I was looking for a quiet street when we noticed the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop with a line of people down the sidewalk.  We pulled into the side parking lot.  No sign of the mural featured in one episode and got in line.

Notice the mist coming down from the building?  It sprays down on the people standing in line to help keep the tourists cool while waiting for their turn in the store. 

Madelyn and Katie waiting in line.
The staff person guarding the door/letting people into the building was friendly and welcoming.  He asked where we were from and mentioned that he used to live in Michigan also.  He hadn't heard of our town...but that's to be expected.

Once inside, we were surprised by the size of the shop.  It appears much larger on television.  The cases were fairly small.  It was fun to see some of the items that had been featured on the show.

There were a large number of works by Picasso and Manet in the rear of the building.  A large section contained overpriced hats and t-shirts with Pawn Stars or Gold and Silver Pawn Shop printed on them.  There were also several bobble-head dolls. 

The stars of the television show spend most of their time filming and not working in the shop.  Once a day, one of them will walk through the shop and give autographs and allow photos to be taken.  The time varies each day, so it's by luck to see someone from the show.  We didn't see any of the stars, but did see the dark haired girl who frequently works nights with Chumley on the show.

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Barb the Evil Genius said...

How fun! You know that the BTEG family visited Antique Archaeology, the home of the American Pickers reality show, last year. It was smaller than we expected! No one from the show was there, but then part of the show is them being on the road doing their picks, so they're not there all the time in any case. It's neat to check out things like that.

Your girls are looking so grown-up!