Sunday, October 12, 2014

Corn Maze

When I was 5, my family moved to Michigan from Illinois.  In all the years that we've lived in this wonderful state, I have never been to a corn maze.  They weren't a popular activity when I was a child,  but I never managed to take my own children when the mazes became a fall thing to do.  Saturday afternoon, I broke out of our weekend rut and took Paige and Allie to a corn maze.  Katie and her fiance went with us.  We dropped Madelyn off for a cheer leader event and drove to Harvest Moon Corn Maze.  It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, perfect for an afternoon outside.

Allie, Katie, Paige and George posing for a photo before the fun begins.

We had to stop to pet the goats.  Paige loves goats.  This was her favorite part of the day.

After tearing ourselves away from the goats, we did the 'Lil Maze.  Katie and I took opposite turns at each choice to see who would get through the maze first.  We tied.

Paige on the corn slide.

Allie's turn!

Overcoming our fears of giant spiders.

Beginning our trip through the large maze.

Alison and Paige leading the way through the maze.

Finally, we made our way out of the maze.  Allie felt it necessary to kiss the ground!

Persevering to the end!

It was a fun afternoon, and we can all cross "Going to a Corn Maze" off our Bucket List.

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