Monday, November 17, 2014

Carve Your World

My Etsy shop is finally beginning to pick up with sales and view.  My daughter who does a nice little income from her bun holders kept encouraging me about the time it takes to develop people looking at your items.  She helped me with labeling and provided some hints about how to move my items up on the search list.

My shop started with my hobby of letter boxing, where I create hand carved rubber stamps.  Planting letter boxes, led to creating artist cards with more hand carved stamps and I now possess over 500 hand carved rubber stamps.  I'm not selling those stamps, but I enjoy carving so much that I carve stamps for sale.  My Lutheran Rose stamps are by far my best selling items.  Probably because they are unique and aren't able to be purchased anywhere else.

For Christmas, I created some ornaments using my personal Lutheran Rose stamps. 

Because so many of us are huge Doctor Who fans, it was necessary to make Doctor Who ornaments as well.

The kids have requested particular Doctor Who villains and Doctors, so I'm busy carving more images to meet their needs.  

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