Monday, May 18, 2015

Turning a church Into a House

A few weeks ago, the woman who converted our house from a church dropped by and asked to see what the inside of the house.  She wanted to take photos of the interior to show her family and friends in California, where she had moved.  We had an interesting visit and I learned many things about the house.  The house was planned to be able to be three separate living spaces: a large family house, a studio apartment over the garage and an apartment in the basement.  At the end of our visit, the woman and I exchanged email address and she promised to send me some photos of the house when it was a church.

This is the first photo.  The entry goes into what is now one of our bathrooms.  The window that faces the road is now the entry into our laundry room, which was added on.  Mike and I have enjoyed many conversations as we tried to figure out how the church was set up.  The photos that the woman sent have answered many of our questions.

  We had thought that the church was what is now our family room.  We were wrong.  I think that the entire main floor was the sanctuary of the church.  We installed our fireplace where the altar once stood.

 Our house is the blue and brown one in this photo.  The original structure is the brown, while the addition is the blue.

The woman said that she had to locate some of the other photos that she has packed away.  She's going to try to send me more later.  I am so happy that she remembered to email me the photos.  It's fascinating to see the changes that she made to our home. 


Ewe said...

The pictures aren't displaying right, but I would love to see them!

Karen said...

Thanks Ewe! I think I fixed the problem. Sorry.