Friday, May 22, 2015

Graduation Day

Last night, we attended our youngest son's graduation.  He did very well with homeschooling, but wanted to attend the local high school to meet some friends (we had just moved into town) and to do high school sports.  Overall, his experience was positive.  He used his high school years to experiment with new activities and found his voice when challenging authority.  I'm not saying that he was a trouble-maker, because all his teachers loved him.  He brought a totally unique perspective to class discussions and the school newspaper.  Instead, Joe considered his time and talents as valuable as the adults in the school.  When the choir director spent the 80 percent of the class period on the phone, while the students sat waiting for class to actually do something, Joe dropped the class.  The director cornered Joe to find out why he dropped and pushed him for a response.  Joe gave his reasons in a respectful manner, but didn't sugar-coat that he resented sitting around wasting time, while the teacher was on the phone. He also worked industriously to get a fencing club set up at the high school.  Joe didn't succeed with the fencing club, but did make reasoned presentations to the principal and other administrators. 

Academically, the high school was okay.  Most of his advanced classes were internet classes that he did on his own.  The school seems to be making more and more of their classes for college-bound students into on-line learning.  I wasn't impressed with most of the on-line learning.  Grades weren't posted in a timely manner.  The on-line instructor took months to respond to a question from the student.  Basically, Joe was on his own for those classes.  It worked to his advantage that he has been an independent learner for years.

Walking into the gym to Pomp and Circumstance

A little silliness after getting his diploma.

Joe (on tiptoe) and Mike

Joe with Mads, Paige and Allie
Joe with Katie and George


Barb the Evil Genius said...

Congratulations! It's a shame about the things which weren't available for him at the high school. Does he know what he wants to do?

Karen said...

He's heading to Michigan State University to study Bio-Medical Engineering. I took him up there for orientation this week. He's so excited about all the various clubs
(Quiddich, fencing, Squirrel Watching,etc) that are available.