Friday, September 4, 2015

Wedding Part !

Katie and her bridesmaids

It was hot the week that Katie and George were married.  Humidity was extremely high.  My daughters and I were concerned that we would be sweaty and uncomfortable. The church's air conditioning was such a blessing!  The air conditioning at the reception place kept us comfortable also.

The following are pictures of us setting up for the reception.

Cassie helping to move table, while we try to make decisions about set up before Katie arrived.

George pondering some of the decisions that were made.

The groomsmen arrived to help!  Where were they when we were hauling the tables?

Placing the finishing touches on the head table.

Setting up the reception hall was a bit chaotic.  Katie was picking up some items and arrived to the hall late.  So decisions needed to be made about where to set things up.  George was there, but he doesn't make decisions quickly and we had little time before the rehearsal.  We set up all the tables and once Katie arrived, we were able to get the decorations put up.

Pastor Sidwell giving instructions.

Practicing handing off the bouquet and straightening the train.

Cassie lining up with the Best Man

Pastor discussing the proper amount of time to wait.

Giving a few more pointers.  Amy listening carefully.

Danielle and one of the groomsmen.

Steve with Emily.

Nate Mattison playing the processional.

Second run through.

My favorite photo of the rehearsal.  Kate and George look so happy.

Madelyn was scheduled to work during the rehearsal, so Paige got to take her place.

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