Saturday, December 29, 2007

Another Family Birthday in December!

Our second son had his birthday on 12/27. It's always been so difficult to get him birthday presents right after Christmas. This year, I really surprised him with 2 unexpected gifts. The first surprise was a skateboard. He had asked for one last year and I forgot. So this year we picked one up and gave it to him after breakfast. He grabbed his coat and headed outside to try out the new board.

You may wonder how he was able to use the board in the Michigan snow, but he and our oldest son went out to the garage and practiced tricks. I was shocked when I heard where they were skating. Our oldest dd has her car in the garage for the winter, because she can't afford to drive it during the school year. Her car fills 1/2 of the 2 car garage. The other 1/2 contains 3 bikes that don't fit in the shed, the broken snow blower, empty bottles that need to be returned for the deposit and assorted toys thrown into the garage by the youngest girls. The boys cleared everything in front of dh's work bench and have a 8' x 5' skating area. I guess if you want to do something enough, obstacles can be overcome.

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