Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring Plants and Trees

I took the younger 6 children to our local Arboretum today to look at all the trees, shrubs, and flowers that are budding. A few years ago, the Arboretum society put benches and sidewalks all over the hilly park which took away the best sledding hills in our area. The person who donated the park wanted the park to be for family activities. The society looking after the park decided to turn it solely into a Arboretum. We really miss the sledding, but enjoy visiting the park for the wide variety of plant life.

These are the children that went with me. In the back row from the left are 13 year old ds, 15 year old dd, 11 year old ds. The children in the first row from the left are 3 year old dd, 5 year old dd, and 9 year old dd.

My youngest two girls have an especially close bond and do everything together. We jokingly call them "Pete and Repeat"

The children discovered some early moths and chased them up and down all the hills.

Our Arboretum trip is being classified as "natural science" for school. We did some plant identification using manuals while we were there. We also took a ton of pictures of various plants that we intend to follow all summer, creating a "life cycle of the ?" plant journal with photography.

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