Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

We don't usually do anything for Memorial Day. When the older children were younger, we tried to go to the Veteran's Cemetery near our home to place flags on the graves. On two separate occasions the local police department asked us to leave the cemetery, unless we were there to visit a specific grave. I understand the need to keep the graves protected from vandals, but I don't think I fit the profile of the typical cemetery vandal. At both times, I was a pregnant mom with a van load of young children, 13 and under.

I explained to the police officers that the children and I wanted to place flags on some of the graves, but was asked to leave immediately. It's sad that people who have served our country are not allowed to receive small tokens of thanks for their services. The children and I had spent several weeks preparing for out visit and learning about Memorial Day. Unfortunately, the lesson they will remember is that they shouldn't place flags of soldier's graves.

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