Thursday, June 5, 2008


Yesterday, I had a couple of the children mow the lawn before the weather turned hot. One son hung his glasses on the clothesline while he was doing flips on the trampoline. While he was jumping, someone knocked the glasses to the ground. The glasses were chopped up by the lawnmower.

How do I teach someone to think about their actions and what could potentially happen. He thought that he was being responsible taking the glasses off. Whoever knocked them off the clothes line didn't expect glasses to be on the line and probably didn't even see them. The child mowing the lawn didn't see or expect to watch out for wire framed glasses in the grass. We've replaced these glasses twice in the last 9 months, and some of my other children need new glasses or contacts. The child with the broken glasses is going to have to go to the end of the line and wait. Why do I feel so mean?


Glenda said...

"why do I feel so mean?"

Because you know what it is like to go without glasses. I'm sorry. Maybe having to wait will be the motivation for better responsibility?

Cheryl said...

We had glasses lost in the backyard a few days ago. Luckily they were found before someone stepped on or mowed over them. I hope a good lesson was learned!