Sunday, July 13, 2008

Children's Beach Fun

This is how the children spent one of their days, while I was in my prescribed drug-induced sleep.

Our oldest son, 13 years old putting together one of the non-stunt kites at a nearby lake.

Our oldest daughter, aged 20 preparing a large kite for our 5 year old daughter.

This kite broke free of the spool. One child caught the tail end of the string and the children had to work together to bring it in before it got snagged in a tree. I was informed that a group of 7 people watched the kids work together. The group of on-lookers gave my children a round of applause when the kite returned safely.
After the kite scare, a little down time at the beach. This is my 11 year old son making a moat.
A sandy group of children, who buried each other. My oldest daughter thought a photo was needed to remember the gritty scene.

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