Thursday, August 7, 2008

Birthday at the Beach Musings

We had a great time yesterday at the beach. Our boys had spent the night with friends, so we picked them up at 10:00 am on our way to the lake. A good friend's daughter was at the lake with her young children and I was able to visit with her while our children played together. My 3 and 5 year old daughters interacted with about a dozen different children throughout the day. I was pleased that they got along so well with the other children . At various times my girls were even playing with different groups of children. My youngest girls are very close and are together constantly. It is rare that they play with anyone else. People have questioned the wisdom of letting them be each other's "best friend". Another socialization myth blown to pieces. It is not necessary for pre-school children to spend hours each day around hordes of young children to be social creatures.

My husband picked up our daughter from her driver's training course and stopped by the library for beach reading material while the other children and I stayed at the beach. The plan was for him to be gone about an hour. After getting the library books, my husband decided to order pizza for all of us for lunch as a surprise. He ended up being gone for 2 1/2 hours. When he returned, I was burned to "crispy critter" status. So we gobbled up the pizza, went for one more dip in the lake and headed for home.

The pizza lunch was served around 4:00 pm and no one was hungry for dinner. Around 7, we had my birthday cake with Lazy Daisy Topping instead of frosting. My mom used to make Lazy Daisy cakes when I was growing up and they were always a treat. The birthday cake was a wonderful as I remembered. Around 9:00 pm, the children and hubby made homemade chocolate shakes. YUM. It was probably good that we skipped dinner. I certainly didn't need any more calories!

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