Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Adult Conversation

There are six children in my home almost 24 hours a day. It sounds strange, but I am lonely amongst all these constantly talking people. For the last month, I've been exercising without the children for about and hour each day. This has given me more patience, but I still feel very alone.

My kids are now taking a couple of classes on Mondays. Some of the kids are taking art and some are taking an Entrepreneur class at the same time. Six moms hang around during the art class because they have children who are not yet of kindergarten age. The youngest children sit together and create, while the moms talk. It has been wonderful! I knew two of the other women and am enjoying getting to know the other moms. The biggest surprise is that most of us have very similar educational philosophies.

I wouldn't plan a weekly get-together with other adult women, because there isn't enough time. But what a blessing to have this opportunity while my children are involved something constructive. Guilt free socialization for me!

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