Monday, October 6, 2008

Diet and Exercise Update

I didn't work out at the Y for the last four days. Wednesday evening, I could hardly walk because I was so sore. My shins and knees have been hurting after about 10 minutes of exercising. So I decided to give my over-exercised muscles a chance to heal.

This morning I took the children swimming for our normal 1/2 hour and then got on the tread mill for 35 minutes. It was necessary to lower my speed after 10 minutes because I started hurting again. I'm going to need to tone back my time of the treadmill for the next few weeks before I seriously hurt myself. Mike suggested that I alternate 30 minute workouts on different equipment each day. Well see how it goes. I'm also going to do yoga for 20 minutes in the evening to stretch out my muscles.

Because I didn't get in my normal exercise and ate apple crisp for dessert yesterday, I am not weighing in this week. It's to easy to get discouraged and I have a long way to go. Last week on the Biggest Loser, one person gained 2 pounds. I'm pretty sure I had a small loss, so I'm still in the game. My goal next goal is 4 pounds by next Monday.

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