Sunday, October 5, 2008

Stretching Our Food Dollars

My husband's pay is based on straight sales commission. He has been doing really, really well since he switched jobs. Unfortunately, last month was a bad month for all the sales people in his store. So I need to get through most of October using the ingredients that I have on-hand. It's been a few weeks since I went grocery shopping, so we will probably end up with some weird meals. Here's what we ate or are eating today.

Breakfast was oatmeal for some of the kids, toast for a few other children and dry cereal for the rest. I ran out of milk yesterday and will need to get milk tomorrow.

Lunch was a milk-free Alfredo sauce made from butter, flour, cream cheese, water and Parmesan cheese with left over broccoli served on elbow macaroni. I got a few "I hate elbow macaroni" but everyone ate it and a couple of children complimented me on the great lunch. The texture was a little weird, so I used more cream cheese than normal.

Dinner will be some stewed chicken parts with meat taken off the bone and added to homemade gravy, served over homemade biscuits. Green beans and cooked carrots will round it off. We're having apple crisp for dessert.

Three children are already complaining because they wanted something else. Tough! I think I'm getting old and cranky. I remember now why I grew to dislike cooking.


elephantschild said...

Absolutely precious - they complained about the MACARONI. Those weird home-schooled kids - they didn't bat an eye at the broccoli?

Love it.

Michelle said...

LOL - E.C.!

I also have grown to hate cooking for the same reasons. My meals these days are really bad! I just hate spending time on something and having 3 kids come to the table and say "Oh, yuck, we're having that" or "I'm not eating that stuff" or "I don't like THAT"!

And you saw what my youngest requested for breakfast - "candy and ice cream and cookies and cupcakes"! I can't win...

Karen said...

We LOVE broccoli at our house. It's prime eating and highly desirable. What's even weirder is that they don't like broccoli with cheese sauce!