Thursday, October 2, 2008

Zoo Trip

Mike was finally able to take a day off from work, when we didn't have a ton of running around to do. We had promised the two younger girls that we would take them to the zoo this year. The zoo closes on 10/12. So, even though it was 53 degrees today, we went to the zoo. There are a lot of advantages to going to the zoo on a very cloudy, cold day. You get to ride the trams by yourself. You get to ride the carousel by yourself.

Paige, age 5, on the lion.

Alison, age 3, on the zebra with Mike nearby.

There is no fighting crowds to do any of the activities.

Playing drums in "Africa." Driving a rangers jeep in "Africa."

Climbing on the elephant tusks gathered by a poacher in "Africa."

Another advantage is that the animals are more easily seen.

Snow leopard

The only disadvantage is that not all the animals are on exhibit. The giraffes, lemurs, giant tortoise, and tropical birds were inside their winter quarters. The girls were disappointed not to see some of the animals, but had a really great time.

The only elephant visible was available for "rides."

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