Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Lazy Day

Instead of continuing to clean out the school cupboards and organize all the books cases in preparation for the upcoming school year, we played hookie today and went letter boxing with some good friends.

Our trip wasn't hugely successful. We only managed to locate 1 out of three boxes. Even with our less than stellar finds, the day was a lot of fun. We went to yet another park in a large city to our north and enjoyed walking in the woods.

The kids climbed up logs and 1/2 fallen trees.

They observed a deer from a short distance.

The kids also jumped on stones in a creek. Some of the children fell into the water. (I wasn't surprised.)

More importantly, everyone had fun hanging out with people whose company we enjoy. The older children were kind to the younger girls. Boys and girls all hung out together. What a nice break for all of us.

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