Friday, August 27, 2010

School Postponed

I am a reasonably intelligent woman who misplaced one week this month. On Tuesday, I discovered that Madelyn's birthday is today, not next Friday. School was supposed to start next Monday, not the following Monday. After countless hours trying to organize and complete lesson plans, I have given up. The only possible way to complete everything before next Monday involves bringing out Really Crabby Mom. She doesn't need to appear and spoil the good memories that we have of this summer. Therefore, school is postponed until after Labor Day.

The school preparation can be completed easily over the next 10 days, leaving enough time for some fun with the children before we hit the books. The children will begin music lessons and do math next week. I'm planning on doing a zoo trip with Paige and Allie, letter boxing with the younger 4 children, and maybe some hiking with everyone. After a leisurely, pleasant week, we should all be happier.

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