Sunday, May 1, 2011

Children Cooking

Supper was prepared by various children in our family tonight. It's important to me that all of my children learn how to cook and take care of a home. Some of my children have discovered hidden talents in cooking, decorating, and knitting. Others try to be absent when it is time to start dinner preparation. Steve is one of those kids.

This afternoon, I managed to snag him before he headed off to the skateboard park. Mike and I were on the deck discussing gardening plans, so I gave directions. Here's our conversation. Keep in mind that Steve is 16. He's such a corker.

Mom: "Steve, please rinse the chicken and sprinkle it with season salt. Then place it in the roaster."

Steve: "Where is the roaster?"

Mom: "It's in the lower-cupboard, on the right of the stove."

It's been there ever since we moved into this house.

Steve: (looking puzzled) "Where?"

Dad: "Face the stove. Look in the cupboard on the right."

Steve (calling from the kitchen): "Where's the spice?"

Mom: "It's called Season Salt and it's in the spice cupboard."

Steve: "What does it look like?"

Mom: "It says Season Salt on the label."

Steve: "Where's the chicken?"

The chicken has been thawing on a plate top of the stove.

Mom: "It's on the stove."

Steve: "You mean this fat, little chicken? What do I do with it?"

Mom: "Open the package and wash it out at the sink. Do not use soap."

Loud sound and shrieking is heard from the kitchen.

Steve: "Mom! You should come in here."

I walked into the kitchen and discovered Steve standing in front of the sink, holding the chicken and laughing.

Steve: "You could have told me that stuff will come out of the chicken when the water runs through it. I thought the chicken was taking a dump!"

Eventually, the chicken was placed in the roaster and sprinkled with seasoned salt. After talking to Steve, I realized that he has developed a masterful plan to get out of cooking anything. He acts like he doesn't understand the directions and asks stupid questions. Eventually, someone else will step in to help poor defenseless Steve. Not anymore! That boy is gonna learn to cook this summer!

Madelyn, age 12, prepared the biscuits without any assistance. Paige (8)and Allie (6) managed to cut up vegetables to make a delicious salad. Steve sure managed to hide in our crowd!


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Corker is an Irish term...