Sunday, December 8, 2013

Paper Children's Christmas Ornament


The younger girls have wanted to make Christmas ornaments this year.  I purchased supplies to make several different types of ornaments, but we've been struggling to find the time to sit down and actually make some.  This afternoon, the temperature was cold and the wind was sharp, so we hunkered down around mugs of hot chocolate and made some super easy ornaments.  They will be used to hang on the garland on the old fashioned curving staircase near the family room.  

We used some Christmas/snow themed scrapbook paper and solid card stock, a few Christmas rubber stamps, white gift wrap ribbon (I misplaced the white and red spools of craft ribbon), glue sticks and scrapbook punches.  The girls enjoyed themselves and the ornaments went together quickly.

We punched using 2 1/2 inch circles. Two circles will be used for each ornament.

 Then we punched  scalloped edge 2 1/4" circles.  Again, two will be used for each ornament.

 When we used solid paper for the scalloped edge circle, we stamped the inside with a Christmas or winter rubbed stamp and allowed the ink to dry.

Apply glue to the wrong side of two scalloped circles.  Place on the right side of the paper in the center of each smooth circle.  Press firmly.

Turn the two circles over and apply a generous amount of glue stick being careful to get the edges.   Cut a length of ribbon to hang the ornament.  We eyeballed the measurement around 7-8".  Place the ribbon on the glued surface. Immediately, glue the two circles together with the ribbon in the middle of the layers.

Press the circles together firmly.  

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