Saturday, April 5, 2014

Delivering Papers

My children have always found ways to make extra spending money.  Several have mowed lawns, babysat, tutored children and delivered papers.  When Joe got his job at Dairy Queen last year, Madelyn took over his paper route.  Most of the customers are pleasant and during this winter, Madelyn frequently received tips because of the extra work involved in walking through the snow.

One elderly man is unable to shovel his sidewalk.  He lives on a corner lot and the sidewalk in front of his house is impassible.  Someone keeps his driveway cleared, but the path to his mailbox is untouched.  During most of the winter the snow came up to Madelyn hip or higher. 

There was one week when Madelyn was unable to deliver papers, due to an ankle injury.  I drove through the route with Madelyn sitting in the front seat to give direction for which houses to deliver.  Paige and Alison ran the papers up to each house.  The house that never removes snow was on Allie's side of the street.

Allie is light enough to walk on most of the snow drifts.

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