Sunday, May 4, 2014

Field Trip Time

April was busy and I didn't get time to blog about anything.  During the next few days, there should be several new entries as I try to play catch-up. 

Our homeschool group recently went to the zoo in Battle Creek.  We hadn't been to Binder Park since we moved to our current city, so everyone looked forward to the visit.  The sun decided to shine, but the temperatures were on the cool side.  Many of the animal exhibits were empty because it was too cold for the animals outside.  We all had a nice break from our daily routine and got to spend the day in the sunshine.

All the kids hanging out.

Help the elephant is after us!

Paige and Allie with the extinct bird.
No zoo trip is complete without riding the giant ant.
Binder Park Zoo recently added a black bears exhibit.  The bears were outside and we spent a long time watching their antics.  The bears climbed up the tree limb and then broke off the smaller branches that wouldn't support their weight.  At one point all three bears were trying to climb the same branch.  The bear at the top kept swatting the middle bear trying to get him to find another limb.  Allie kept saying, "This is not going to end well."

Allie, Paige and Madelyn and a rare giraffe siting.

The giraffes were not out the day we visited, but Paige and Allie enjoyed the Lego giraffe anyway.

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