Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dance Recital

Madelyn, Paige and Allie were in their dance studios end of year ballet last weekend.  It was a long few days with lots of late nights.  The studio rents a beautiful auditorium for the ballet and put on two performances.  The show was lovely.  I'm so happy that dance is over for the year!  It's been a long haul with too many hours waiting for classes in the studio parking lot.  Next year, Madelyn is planning on changing studios.  Paige and Allie will only be taking Saturday classes, so it will be much less tiring for me.  Here's a few photos of the girls in the dressing room waiting for their dances.

Madelyn in her borrowed dress.

Allie in her ballet costume.  Paige in her character costume.

Paige in her ballet costume.


Barb the Evil Genius said...

It looks like maybe your dance school runs things differently than ours. All the girls in a given dance wear the same costume. Only a few chosen girls in their last recital get a solo, and they still usually buy the solo costume. The only thing we are borrowing this year is the platter tutus, because those are incredibly expensive. They're also problematic, because the old ones are sagging badly.

Karen said...

Barb, our dance studio uses the same dress for everyone in a given dance. Soloists had different costumes. None of my girls were in the same classes this year. It was nice that there dances were spread throughout the performance.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Ah. At the Dancer's studio, only a very few girls get solos, and those are the ones who are in their last recital. The recital will be close to three hours as it is.

The Dancer is in six dances. She could also have danced with the tap class she assists, but six costumes was more than enough.