Friday, May 16, 2014

My New Etsy Shop

My oldest daughter has an Etsy shop.  She opened it about a year ago and is earning a nice amount each month.  She creates jewelry and hair accessories.  When she opened the shop, she had planned on simply selling jewelry, but her hair accessories have really taken off, so she now makes them almost exclusively.  Amy has been suggesting I open a shop, but I keep putting it off.

Finally, about a month ago, I opened CarveYourWorld.  I have over 200 hand carved rubber stamps to add to the site, but I'm adding items slowly, so my shop gets bumped to the top of the list frequently.  Hopefully,  I can get more exposure.  I'm also sewing some 18" doll clothes that will be added soon.

Paige and Allie's American Girl Dolls needed clothes and I'm to thrifty to purchase them from the company.  I purchased some patterns and stitched up several outfits.  The outfits are cute and don't take hours and hours to create. 

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