Thursday, July 24, 2014

Storm Damage

Our small town had a major storm come several days before Independence Day.  We were without power for 3 days.  Several people in the area were without electricity for over a week.  Our property escaped without damage.  Both ends of the street were blocked with fallen trees and downed power lines.  During the torrential downfall, our basement was flooded.  Steve saved his guitars and amps but lost his pillows. 

In the middle of the night, Mike was trying to use a squeegee to push the water away from the front of the house.  The kids were using push brooms to shove the water out of the basement door.  All this activity happened in the dark.  Amy was holding her phone flashlight for Mike to see what he was doing.  About an hour later, everyone fell into their beds exhausted.

Early the next morning, Mike headed over to Menards to purchase a generator.  He managed to snag the last reasonably priced one.  When he arrived home, he connected the deep freezer and our refrigerator.  I did some math and discovered that we could also run one fan and the television and the cable box.

Later in the day, I drove around with Amy and got some photos of the area.

 The speed with which the city marked off dangerous situations impressed me. 

As Amy and I were driving around we saw this tree across the road in front of one of Joe's good friends.  The tree left a few small branches in their yard, but the house was intact.

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